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We have created a small list of FAQs that may answer some of your questions:
What are the minimum age requirements?
A player must at least turn the minimum age (30, 43, etc.) during that age group's season's calendar year to play in that league. There are also a small number of exceptions each team is allowed where a few non-pitchers are allowed, but that varies by league.

When are the games?
The season typically begins in late April and ends in mid September, depending on the weather and how far in the playoffs your team goes.We are primarily a weekend league -- with most games on the weekend. There are occasional weeknight games. You can expect about 70% of games on weekends.

How many games in a season?
Not including playoffs, you can expect to play 20 games a year.

Where are the games?
We started as a Dupage County league-- but have expanded into Chicago over the last few years. Most games will be West Suburbs, South Suburbs, or some Chicago games.

How much money does this cost?
Each team is required to pay a league fee. How the league fee is obtained by the managers of each team is up to them. Some teams get sponsorship help, and divide the balance by each player. Some teams just divide it amongst each player. Teams also vary in size.The majority of players pay between $250 and $330 to play for a season. It comes out to somewhere between $12 and $17 per game.

How do I get on a team?
You can fill out the player pool form (above), and managers peruse through the list and make calls.You can also go back to the website and email each manager directly.When filling out the form or emailing managers, it is very important to give out as much detailed past experience as possible.

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