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Midlothian Field - Midlothian, IL.
Midlothian Field - Midlothian, IL.
Jerry Gillis is the guy we contact for the ok or no-go status of Midlothian.

Jerry and his crew want to handle the field prep before, between and after games but, again, please offer any assistance to them and clean up your mess in the dugouts. We understand the distance some must travel to get to Midlo, however, the same hour and 45 minute rule for the home team manager will apply to get to the field and report it playable or not.

Location Stats

Stats for league:

Runs Per Game: 
HRs Per Game: 
Home Runs:  in games.

Overall Stats:

AVG: .363
SLG: .441
Runs Per Game: 13.917
HRs Per Game: 0.000
ERA: 4.76
Home Runs: 0 in 12 games.
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