League Hotline
Hotline number: 630-598-0622

Benedictine University, Lisle
Benedictine University, Lisle
Benedictine will always have a crew on hand to prep the field before, between and after each game. Please offer your assistance to them wherever possible. They have always appreciated and welcomed the help, especially with tarps because of their weight. Give the crew a chance first to begin the prep process at the first game of the day on their field. Light raking and water removal is allowed.

Foul ball retrieval with spikes is ok....a trip to the washroom or vendor stand should be made without them. In the event of the lightening warning siren, the game will cease IMMEDIATELY and teams are asked to leave the field and dugout for 1/2 hour or until Bendictine personnel informs you that it is ok or if an all clear is given.

Location Stats
Stats for league:
AVG: .338
SLG: .374
Runs Per Game: 14.333
HRs Per Game: 0.000
ERA: 3.59
Home Runs: 0 in 3 games.
Overall Stats:
AVG: .338
SLG: .387
Runs Per Game: 13.929
HRs Per Game: 0.000
ERA: 4.98
Home Runs: 0 in 14 games.
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