League Hotline
Hotline number: 630-598-0622

McCook - Ken Plesha Field
Field is located behind the McCook Park District building. There is a parking lot north of the field and building, at 49th St and Riverside.
Field will be cleaned up and lined before scheduled games. Managers of the first team on the day will need to acquire the key before the game, and supply it to the next first team. Key unlocks bathroom, equipment box (bases), and equipment shed (rakes). Key is not needed to lock facilities up at the end of the day. Last team on the day needs to rake in the low areas, make sure any garbage is thrown away, and lock up the facility (two padlocks and a bathroom knob button press).

Location Stats
Stats for league:
Runs Per Game:
Average HR Per Game:
Home Runs Hit: in games.
Overall Stats:
AVG%: .345
SLG%: .396
Runs Per Game: 7.714
Average HR Per Game: 0.048
ERA: 4.62
Home Runs Hit: 1 in 21 games.

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