League Hotline
Hotline number: 630-598-0622

McCaslin Park
McCaslin Park
- No firearms

- No smoking - no tobacco products, to include vapor, e-cigarettes, etc.

- No alcohol in the park, in the parking lot, or at the adjacent church complex - unless sold on-site by our vendor

- No metal cleats (they rip up the turf)

- No shelled products (sunflower seeds, peanuts, etc).

- No colored liquid (Gatorade, Powerade, etc.) on the fields

- No gum or tobacco chewing in the dugouts or on the field

Location Stats
Stats for league:
AVG: .373
SLG: .525
Runs Per Game: 7.000
HRs Per Game: 1.000
ERA: 2.50
Home Runs: 1 in 1 games.
Overall Stats:
AVG: .315
SLG: .414
Runs Per Game: 8.500
HRs Per Game: 0.500
ERA: 3.37
Home Runs: 1 in 2 games.
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