League Hotline
Hotline number: 630-598-0622

Westmont/ Veterans Memorial Park
From North --- Take I-355 South to 55th street ( Maple ) exit. Turn left ( East ). Take to Cass Ave ( about 3-4 miles ) and make a left. Make a right at Des Moines Steet, which is the first right after you turn on Cass, then a quick left into the park.
From I 55--- Take I 55 to Cass Ave NORTH exit ( which is a couple of miles northeast of I-355 ). Take that about 5 miles to Des Moines Street ( a block north of 55th Street ) and turn right. Make a quick left into the park.
Standard maintenance… uncover, cover, rack out etc…

Location Stats
Stats for league:
Runs Per Game:
Average HR Per Game:
Home Runs Hit: in games.
Overall Stats:
AVG%: .353
SLG%: .418
Runs Per Game: 10.833
Average HR Per Game: 0.059
ERA: 4.37
Home Runs Hit: 1 in 17 games.
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