League Hotline
Hotline number: 630-415-1452

Oak Lawn: Rainout Information: 708-802-0386

Midlothian: Rainout Information: 708-389-4372

(updated 2 hours before game time)

League Hotline
The hotline has 2 functions:
1) RECEIVE report of field conditions and game status (cancellation and confirmations both given)
2) Submit scores
Using the Hotline
The hotline number is 630-415-1452.
Oak Lawn: Rainout Information # 708-802-0386
Midlothian: Rainout Information # 708-389-4372 (updated 2 hours before game time)
After dialing, press 1 to receive a report of field conditions and game status. Do not leave a message on the hotline. If it asks you to leave a message, it is because several people are trying to access it at once. Please hang up, do not leave a message and try your call again later. The problems that result in messages left cause you and your players to travel to fields.
The hotline last year was updated every 15 minutes. Complaints about the hotline not being updated will not be heard. Managers who do not drive to the field and cause both teams to drive to a rained out game that result in complaints to the board will not be heard. Appeals to charges made to teams for non compliance issues related to rain and hotline, will not be heard. Home team manager must be present at the field in doubt and report to the board member responsible for updating the hotline. Failure to comply results in your forfeiture of the $200 rebate and any charges incurred by the umpire crew as show up fees will be charged to your team and collected before your next game is played. If a game gets played without the collection of this charge, your game will result in a forfeit loss. If you are the visiting manager, you may want to call the home team manager well before the game in question so that you might save your entire team the time and expense of driving to an unplayable field.
To report scores
Press 2- All winning managers must report within 24 hours, the score, teams involved, location of game, date and time and the number of umpires present.
If you have any problem, e-mail a board member and we will be happy to assist your pleasant request. Nasty e-mails, unnecessary crap and complaints and telling the board how you want something changed or else, will be deleted and ignored.
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