Welcome to the home of the Chicago Central MSBL

27th Season- 2015 – Chicago Central MSBL

2015 begins with twenty teams and three leagues, +35, +45 and +53. We have come a long way since starting in 1988 yet, the bottom line is still the same and the principles have not changed. Chicago Central MSBL is a non for profit men`s baseball league that is affiliated with MSBL/MABL out of New York and follows its National Guidelines.

The core and strength of our league is the 400 plus players who have been a part of Chicago Central baseball for many of the previous 26 years and a core of management on the field and off that do the work to keep the players coming back year after year. Thank you to all managers and fellow board members for all you do to keep this thing going.

Sportsmanship and integrity add to the experience of playing Chicago Central baseball. It is our privilege that we are still able to play the game of baseball, without giving in to the numerous reasons why we should not. Team pride and history tell us not to quit and we have all solidified true friendships over the years with teammates and rivals from other teams. It is great to see so many teams enter National Tournaments in Florida and Arizona, and win, with a roster composed from several teams in our league. The Chicago Central league is well respected and well represented in every one of these tournaments and it is a tribute to you.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank all the people behind the scenes that have been a part of the league for many or all of these years. The relationships we have with the schools and park districts and their employees are why we play on the best fields available.

Good luck to all teams.

Geno Tashjian


Chicago Central MSBL

2015 Board of Directors

Gene Tashjian, President
Larry Burger, Vice President
Phil Shook, Vice President
Matt Scott, Vice President