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25th Season Chicago Central MSBL- 2014

The Chicago Central MSBL is starting it's 26th season while our National Organization out of New York has only one up on us, celebrating their 25th this year.

For the past 25 seasons, our league has played a lot of great quality baseball on the area`s top fields which has resulted in hundreds of newly formed friendships between teammates, coaches, umpires, Athletic Directors, field personnel and sponsors.

The primary goal of the League has always been about putting competitive teams on the field that result in a great baseball experience for all who participate. We have worked hard to establish that this is done with pride and responsibility as adults. Players and managers who are committed to these ethics and morals are rewarded both physically and mentally in their personal experience.

The ones who understand this, or "get it" as I often say, call it TEAMWORK.

Teamwork is defined as "action performed by a team towards a common goal. A team consists of more than ONE person, each of whom has different responsibilities."

A team has many common elements that, because of the necessary interactions of its members and participants, results in mutual satisfaction, accountability and empowerment.

Phil Jackson once said, "The strength of the team is each individual member?..the strength of each member is, the team."

My team of board members works very hard in between our personal jobs, lives and responsibilities to help provide you and your team the best baseball experience you can have. It is with our mutual respect that we work with you and your team to achieve this common goal. Together, the team called Chicago Central MSBL, celebrating our 25th Anniversary of great baseball.

Have a great season and don`t forget to leave it on the field.


Chicago Central MSBL

2014 Board of Directors

Gene Tashjian, President
Larry Burger, Vice President
Dale Dunavan, Vice President
Phil Shook, Vice President
Matt Scott, Vice President