Welcome to the Chicago Central Suburban Men's Senior Baseball League!

The Chicago Central Suburban Men's Senior Baseball League is an adult hardball league for those 28 years of age and older. We are affiliated with the national Men's Senior Baseball League located in New York. Our league currently consists of two divisions with a total of 17 teams. The majority of our 25 game regular season schedule is played in the western suburbs of Chicago. We also have an extensive playoff schedule and crown 3 champions each year. One in the 28+ National League, one in the 28+ American League and one in the 38+ League. Our league has been in existence since 1988 and we pride ourselves on playing on the highest quality baseball fields in the Chicagoland area. Each year we try to improve our league by adding quality teams, new fields , and individual players to teams currently in the league. It is our goal to provide players with the opportunity to participate in a highly competitive league while still maintaining a social and friendly atmosphere.

The 2003 season will also introduce a 38 and over league of 7 teams. For more information,  please contact us.

The Men's Senior Baseball League hosts tournaments nationally each year. Throughout the years our league has sent teams to tournaments in Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Florida, and other locations in the United States. These tournaments are a great way to have a fun-filled week of baseball as well as a vacation at the same time.

This website was created to supply both the fans and teams of the Chicago Central MSBL a way to keep up with information regarding this baseball league. Information like game schedules, league leaders, and standings are available on this site.

We hope to keep all well informed about Chicago Central MSBL through this site. If you are not satisfied with this site or have questions regarding it, please e-mail us.

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